About Us


Jan Parivartan Sanstha came into existence on 22/06/2007, committed for over all development of these under privilege community. We are a non-profit organization working for child labours, adolescents and women living in rural and urban slum areas of Faridabad District(INDIA). The organization has been focusing in districts such as Faridabad urban, Ballabhgarh, Palwal, Faridabad Rural villages like Bharat Colony,Village Gochi, Village Atmatpur,Khedi,village Ankheer and has been executing different developmental programmes for women, aged, persons with differently abled, orphans, street children, slum children, adolescent girls, youths, farmers etc on education, economic, social, health, environment,ecology, cultural, welfare programmes for the aged, Persons With Disabilities, women empowerment, livelihood, energy, community property resources, water issues, agriculture etc.

Jan Parivartan Sanstha is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, which is a central Act. According to Section 20 of the Act, the following societies can be registered: charitable societies, military orphan funds or societies, societies established for the promotion of science, literature, or the fine arts, for instruction, the diffusion of useful knowledge. The board of Director of the organization comprises of well qualified and well placed members. The organizations general body comprises of academically and economically sounds members. The membership of the organization is scattered in nearly all the district of Faridabad. The organization has the backup support of the student of Delhi University because of which the organization is in a condition to get the services of competent, hardworking and honest staff at a competitive rate.


As a development organization, JPS mission is to undertake, implement programs to benefit the oppressed and marginalized section of society and also share concerns, disseminate appropriate ideas and information to sensitize the people to expand their knowledge and skill base to further and improve their participation in decision making for better life opportunities and livelihood.Women are given priority in the work/program of the organization. The organization has a clear cut policy on giving opportunities to women to work in a friendly and safe environment.


Women Empowerment

In India JAN PARIVARTAN SANSTHA focuses on the empowerment of women and girls because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination; and suffer abuse and violations in the realisation of their rights, entitlements and access and control over resources. Also experience shows that, when equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities overcome poverty, marginalisation and social injustice.

For the Women empowerment, we started the vocational trainings like the Beauty Parlour courses andSewing and Tailoring Course in the rural areas helping them in Equipping women and girls with the skills, tools and resources to lift themselves and their communites out of poverty. Our team efforts have benefitted over 200 women in the rural areas and still we are carrying the training programs.

In Jan Parivartan Sanstha Women are given priority in the work/program of the organization. The organization has a clear cut policy on giving opportunities to women to work in a friendly and safe environment. Women's safety is also ensured. They are also given maternity benefit.



  1. To work on environment, education, and rural development activities.
  2. To target women and children for their vocational training for economic betterment to ensure community participation in development programs of the organization.
  3. To work for sick, disabled, elderly, handicapped for their health requirement and rehabilitation.
  4. To implement health and family welfare activities, open charitable hospital, counseling centers, and also motivate for immunization.
  5. To work for the cause of bonded labour, against dowry, and in favour or women's rights.
  6. To aware the masses about the schemes and program of the government so that people can take advantage of the program
  7. To aware the people on the menace of HIV/AIDS and also to work for checking the prostitution in the project areas.
  8. To initiate environmental development program through social mobilization and also motivate people to take advantage of toilets and de motivate the people for open field defecation.
  9. To organize awareness meetings to preserve flora and fauna in the area and also to check atrocities on animals.
  10. To specially target tribal’s, backwards, minorities, scheduled castes for their socio-economic and cultural development and provide them free legal advice.
  11. To work for the cause of national integration and harmony with different modes and media.
  12. To do all such things and act which may be beneficial for the development of needy community.


Health Camps











  • Save Childrens

    We try to find the people who need our assistance, and this means sometimes searching the poorest areas and asking the locals if they know of someone who is in serious trouble.

  • Save Humanity

    People are often subject to human trafficking, sexual or labour exploitation; they may also be deprived of their liberty, detained or arbitrarily deported. It is our collective responsibility to offer them protection at every stage of their journey, from the country they leave to the country they will cross during their journey, to the country where they will arrive.


  • Save Childrens

    Running schools for street children free of cost for lifting them to take a stand in the society. It is getting an overwhelming appreciation from the society and foreign volunteers. Each year, the program gets stronger, which means the ever-growing commitment from our teams.