As Jan Parivartan Sanstha is a non-profit organization, we have very few means of financing, that is why we solicit the help of volunteers. Volunteers are especially needed in our school teaching programs. Indeed, the current teachers have between 40 and 50 students in each class, and the help of assistants is more than welcome. The main subject taught by the volunteers is English, as it is of everyday use for Indians. The children are really eager to learn. They are all waiting for you!



Required Skills

You do not have to be a native English-speaker to come and teach Indian students. Every little English you may know will help them very much. You can also play games with them, sing, dance, draw… Any activity to instruct and/or entertain them.
You do not need to have professional skills. Every person being special, you will sure have a special thing to share with the children.
You just have to be open-minded and autonomous, to be able to take initiatives, not to be afraid of the cultural differences, and above all, ready to share your love for the children.

What can be brought to the children?

You are very welcome to bring items to the children if you wish to, such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, color pencils, paint, and/or any kind of school material, candies, chocolates, music…

Location and Accommodation

The projects are located in Faridabad, in the state of Haryana. You will be staying at our home, with our family. We have a three-story house that can welcome six volunteers at a time. The rooms are on a shared basis, and volunteers have their own kitchen and washroom. Our home is located 15 minutes away from the closest metro station (Sector-29,Faridabad) by auto-rickshaw. It is also convenient to use the public transportation as well as taxis or even trains. Faridabad is situated 25km south from the center of Delhi.


You can rely on all the members of the family and the local staff to help. They will take you to the projects and assist you with daily transportation. They will also be glad to help you with anything you need (travels on the weekends, money exchange, medical assistance etc.)


Closest places of interest:

  • Agra and Taj Mahal
  • New Delhi and Old Delhi (India Gate, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple)
  • Jaipur (Amber Fort)
  • Safari Udaypur

  • Why volunteer?:

    Volunteering is the best way to contribute towards bringing changes to a community. Getting involved in the day to day life of underprivileged people allows you to realize what they truly need and how you can help them in a significant way. You will soon feel how important you are to them, and your best reward will be to witness their happiness: is there anything that warms your heart more than a child’s smile?

    How much does it cost? When does it start?:

    The weekly fee includes all the meals, the accommodation, the donation to the projects, and the airport pick up. Contrary to other organizations, you will pay once you arrive at our family’s place: there are no middlemen, and you know exactly where your money goes. Only the airport pick up fee is to be paid in advance, to guarantee your placement as a volunteer.


    Airport pick up:

    As soon as we receive your flight details, we will arrange your pick up. A member of our family will come to pick you up and will bring you back home. Depending on the traffic, the journey takes around an hour by taxi (the taxi fee is included).
    For further information, feel free to contact us anytime. We can also provide you with the email addresses of the past volunteers so they can share their experience with you.