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Ensuring the right to Education to deprived urban children and also the integration of the support system and responsive community action.

Jan Parivartan Sanstha came into existence on 22/06/2007, committed for over all development of these under privilege community. We are a non-profit organization working for educating child labours, adolescents and women living in rural and urban slum areas of Faridabad District(INDIA).

The organization has been focusing in districts such as Faridabad urban, Faridabad Rural villages like Bharat Colony, Khedi,village has been executing different developmental programmes for women, aged, persons with differently abled, orphans, street children, slum children, adolescent girls, youths, farmers etc on education, economic, social, health, environment,ecology, cultural, welfare programmes for the aged, Persons With Disabilities, women empowerment, livelihood, energy, community property resources, water issues, agriculture etc.

We work To facilitate and develop a model of Child friendly education system and to create interest amongst the children towards formal education system..

The overall objective of our organization is to improve the educational status of less privileged children to meet the Millennium development goals. The specific objectives are to initiate the community to Advocate for support and education, to increase the enrolment of students in the school, to increase the access of girls to education, to change the life condition of poor children through education and to empower the households of poor kids economically. The direct beneficiaries of this project are children in India whereas the indirect beneficiaries are their families.

The areas of intervention of this project are located in Faridabad District, in the suburban residential and characteristically slum areas. People living in these areas are in condition of extreme poverty and consequently they have no possibility to afford the costs of basic education.

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